Young Adults in Global Mission Central Europe Final Retreat 2014. Five Days in the Vysoke Tatry of Slovakia


A bit more rain than we were expecting, but we quickly got these colored ponchos and became: Esme and the Seven Dwarfs (Preachy, Pedantic, Smiley, Curly, Sassy, Mighty, and Bossy not pictured)


Goodbye to a great group of Young Adults.


Popradske Pleso


Off trail hike to Dracie Pleso


Look how beautiful Slovakia is Ole. Why don’t you stay another year and teacher literature in Bratislava. Why yes he will.


Ursula continues to be a strong hiker, and Esme sleeps well while being slung around sometimes nearly upside down while climbing with Jeremy


Last night hot tub, wait why did we wait until the last night?

IMG_3175 IMG_3182 IMG_3259 IMG_3276 IMG_3243


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