Our travels from May – July

Blyth/Schmidt 2014 Home Assignment Schedule

It is the beginning of May, and our family is preparing for a two-month “missionary home assignment” tour of the United States. During our travels, we will have the chance to visit some of you who are reading this, as well worship with some of the congregations who support our work in Central Europe. I look forward to various guest preaching opportunities, and the chance to present pictures and stories about our life and work in Central Europe. We ask your prayers as we travel. We will surely pray many times: May the Angel Raphael guide us on our way, so we return to our home in health, in safety, and in joy.


We’ll see how much blog posting we manage to do over the next two months, but you can count on our reports and pictures when we return to Bratislava in July.

Easter – and Pentecost – blessings to you and yours.


If you are interested in keeping track of where we are on our journey, here is the planned itinerary:


May 5: We fly to Minneapolis from Vienna

May 5 – May 19: We stay in and around the Twin Cities area, visiting friends and family, and ELCA congregations in Marine-on-St. Croix and North Branch. I will also get the opportunity to take part in a “Music That Makes Community” Continuing Education Workshop at Christ Church Lutheran in Minneapolis.

May 19 – May 31: We road trip out westward, visiting family and friends in Colorado and Wyoming, and landing (we hope!) in Washington State by the end of May.

June 1 – June 8: We visit supporting congregations in Longview and Fircrest, as well as friends and family in the greater Seattle area. I also get the chance to preach at my cousin’s café house of worship, Luther’s Table, in Renton.

June 9 – June 13: We make our way back eastward toward Montana, where we have a chance to visit Plains (our home before Bratislava,) and present about our work to the community there. Not to mention, we’ll get our mandatory medical examinations taken care of at a hospital that has our records!

June 14 – June 19: We continue eastward, stopping to guest preach in Sheridan, WY on Sunday morning, and then make our way back toward MN.

June 20: We fly to NYC.

June 21 – July 4: We spend a few weeks out east, visiting and preaching in my home congregation in mid-town Manhattan and a supporting congregation in Gilbertsville, PA, as well as family and friends from NYC down to Washington D.C.

July 4 – July 8: We fly to Indiana to spend some time with extended family at Lake James, and make a trip up to Musekgon, MI for more preaching and presenting.

July 9: We head to Chicago for meetings at the Churchwide offices.


July 10: We get on a plane for our home in Bratislava.


All of this, of course, God willing!


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