Photo Journal for the Third week of Sept 2013. Friday.

Miriam on her morning run, she likes to run in the streets and over the bridges. Rest of the day was on the computer for her, so it is good to stretch the legs in the morn.

Busiest intersection in Bratislava right across from the Presidential palace and one block from our Apartment.

Luckily there is an underground passage way to avoid the large intersection above. And luckier still there is a green grocer in that underground passageway. When we don’t get to the open market, we get our vegetables here.

Coming up from the underground passage (we do a lot of escalating here). And who should greet us but our favorite buskers. One thing we always do is give money to people playing music on the streets, Ursula likes to drop it in the case or hat.

Random market of trinkets that is open today apparently as we walk by the Town Hall of Bratislava on our afternoon stroll.

Little fountain time in the main square. Esme was bewildering the German tourists for awhile, then almost fell in the fountain, which would make her even with Ursula who did fall in once- although they had drained most of the water when she took her dive.

Esme decided to sleep through the Italian Painting exhibit at the National Gallery today. The upstair room on a Slovak Photographer was in truth more interesting, but I did like this organ player and some very small block prints.

Miriam picked Ursula up from skola this afternoon and they took the bus home. In the back you can see some of the typical Soviet era housing blocks that make up 70% of the housing of Bratislava. Ursula’s school is in Petrazalka, which is one of the larger planned housing areas around. Now they are mostly all painted interesting colors and designs not too different than my own pre-school in a large public housing building on the West Bank of Minneapolis.

Pretty good public transit commuter. It is more fun for me though when the snow falls and we bring a sled for the pull to school from the bus stop. Nothing like getting on a bus full of adults going to work with a sled in one hand, especially after the kid is dropped off and I am by myself. Try squeezing that on in rush hour.


One response to “Photo Journal for the Third week of Sept 2013. Friday.

  1. Great photo journal! Surprised they let bring a sled on the bus.

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