Monthly Archives: June 2013

Paddle surfing on the Morava. Due to high water levels the Morava river was transformed into a bayou and I was able to travel quite a few kilometers on it without worrying about the alligators. Thanks Martin.

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Album cover for Ursula and Eric’s new Band, Skydiver over the Bratislava Castle, and a growin Esme.


Visiting YAGM sites in Hungary for next year. First running across the lawn of the Lutheran Retreat Center at Lake Balaton where we will be having YAGM orientation this August. Then running down hill near a new site north of Budapest, Piliscsaba, and on the grounds of one of the centers in that town with some of our Hungarian Colleagues. Nine communities in Seven days, you could say we ran all over Hungary.


Visitors in May. Ursula’s Godfather Matthew visited us in early May, and Jeremy’s Cousin Eric visited in late May (even traveling with us to visit all of the YAGM sites and more in Hungary). Throw in David and Elizabeth friends from Plains, MT in between for a few days, and we were happily hosting for almost the entire month. We feel very lucky to have so many people come to visit us.