Monthly Archives: May 2012

Ursula playing with a local girl in the children’s center in the Roma (Gypsy) village outside of Nyirtelek. Pastor Mihaly is overseeing the construction of a new Community Center also in this village.


Pastor Mihaly Gyorfi in the new farming fields of Nyirtelek, Hungary. Pastor Mihaly has spent 20 years with the people of Nyirtelek, earning the trust and respect of the local Roma (Gypsy) population who are based in a nearby Roma town.

Walking around the College of Nyiregyhaza, where Pastor Erzsebet is Directing the founding of a Roma (Gypsy) College. Ursula and her son played hard on campus, lots of laughing and skinned knees.

On a Tour of the Bell Tower in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary with Pastor Geza and Pastor Erzsebet Molnar.

The Outdoor Theatre of Szarvas, Hungary. Note the Bicycles, everyone bikes everywhere in Hungary, which they need to do after eating the delicious food.

At the home of Pastor Lazar Zsolt, in Szarvas, Hungary. His wife, Dora, is a Judge. One of his two boys is at the table the other is off playing with Ursula.

The Interior of one of the Lutheran Churches in Szarvas, Hungary. Picture taken from the third floor while a conformation class was meeting below. Once upon a time the place sat 4,000, note the bleacher seats in the nosebleed section.

Chess in Szarvas, Hungary.

Sitting in on the classroom of Edit Dobai in Szombathely, Hungary. Two Hundred sixty students and growing especially as the Churches are taking on more of an educational role when municipalities pass on the role.

Ursula Enjoying the Fountain in the Center of Szombathely, Hungary.