Monthly Archives: April 2012

YAGM volunteers at the DIP event in Wisconsin (Discernment, Interview, Placement). Volunteers in 2012-2013 will be going to Argentina,Hungary,Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa, United Kingdom, Uruguay, I think.


YAGM volunteers for 2012-2013 Hungary.

Ursula and Friend Tanya, who country co-ordinates for the YAGM program in Madagascar with her husband Austin.

Ursula hiding during the meetings in front of the ELCA Church offices in Chicago.

100 years of Birthdays with Great Grandma Jean.

With Godfather Matthew in Minnesota

Reassembling Ursula’s bike in Bratislava after it’s suitcase airplane ride.

Climbing Fence with Cousin Adelaide on the farm in Minnesota.

At the Fire, Surrounded By Stories.

Outside the Church Looking in a Window During the Vigil